My parents were living in a condo with Dad doing most of the chores because Mom had knee problems and was overweight.

When my father started to show signs of dementia and was unable to do everyday tasks, like running a washing machine or making a bed, I moved them to an Independent living Facility.  I was experiencing major caregiver burn out and needed help taking care of their meals and housework. 

Within just a few months, he became very confused and was having trouble getting dressed, eating and having episodes of delusions.  I did not want to put him in a facility because I knew that he would be very unhappy and would be alone much of the time.  

I started searching for help online and when I read about Golden Heart Senior Care, I thought they would be a good match.  I wanted to get help for Dad in the evenings and then again in the early mornings, because those were his most difficult times of the day.  My mother would be with him and I thought she could handle the other times.  

My mother fell and had to be hospitalized and then moved to a nursing home facility.  (She eventually passed away after 3 1/2 months.)  With her no longer with Dad, Golden Heart quickly stepped in and arranged for 24 hour caregivers for my father.

The quality of their caregivers is outstanding.  They bring enthusiasm and encouragement to my father every day; all day.  They are very kind and patient with him.  

I am finally able to have a life and enjoy my family; knowing that Dad is safe and cared for at all times.  

Without Golden Heart, he would be in a facility and would be progressing in his dementia at a very rapid rate.  With the help he has, he gets up every morning and finds meaning to his days.  I would never be able to sustain that level of “life” for him.  

Golden Heart keeps my up to date about Dad’s days and needs.  They have a wonderful website that I can assess any time of day or night to see who is with Dad and how he is doing.  

When I go visit Dad now, it is to visit with him.  They even do his laundry!!.

Edyie, Madison

We hired Golden Heart Senior Care to assist my husband with his morning and evening cares after returning home from the nursing home. I enjoyed having the caregivers over to have someone to talk with and bounce ideas off about cares for my husband. Knowing the caregivers would follow-up as necessary was a reassurance for me.

One of the caregivers that visited with us went above and beyond by finding the necessary tools in the house and fixed the garbage disposal for me. One of the other caregivers we had would always go check the basement toilet to ensure the grandkids had flushed it and would clean up the rest of the bathroom as well during her visit.

Throughout the time we received services I felt as I made new friends. Golden Heart Senior Care’s caregivers were able to help us during this period in our lives run a little smoother and always offered that extra friendship to me as well.


Elinor, Fitchburg

During the past several years the energy to maintain my home as I had for numerous years earlier has significantly diminished. When my Social Worker informed me that I qualify to receive household chore assistance through Golden Heart I was ecstatic.

Renee has been a God send to me. She is always prompt to arrive at her scheduled times, very friendly, courteous, never wastes time and is most efficient in performing the various tasks I have assigned to her.

In her visits to my home thus far she has done a spectacular job in organizing the following closets for me:

  1. In the tall corner kitchen closet- my cleaning supplies
  2. In the left side of dining room buffet- all of my placements
  3. In the right side of my dining room buffet- all of my table cloths.
  4. In the cabinet under the kitchen sink- all of my plastic and glass food containers
  5. In the four drawers located in the corner of my kitchen cabinets- all of my food preparation gadgets stored there.

Several times she has earnestly taped down the edges of two large rugs located on the floor of my entrance room to my apartment. Once with my tacky tape and once with her donated double-sided sticky tape to prevent the edges from curling backwards. In addition she has carefully folded my May tablecloth and stored it along with my May placemats in the storage space of my dining room buffet. Then she set the table with my selected June tablecloth and matching placemats.

During another visit my assignment to Renee was to diligently dust and polish with a polishing cloth all my dining room furniture. I have emphasized to her that my Country French furniture has many intricate deep set carvings and must be thoroughly covered. 

Sarah, Madison